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aRGee Computers Services: San Diego County Data Recovery and Computer Repair Experts

aRGee Computers

Your "On Call" Computer Specialist.

aRGee Computers is your Information Technology (IT) department for hire. We provide data recovery, onsite service and emergency technical support for clients throughout San Diego County.


No need to disconnect and lug your equipment to us when your computer is malfunctioning. aRGee makes house calls – and we never charge travel fees.

Onsite and in-store repairs are all the same price.


aRGee will custom-build a computer system to your exact specifications, using brand name products - at extremely affordable prices.

Custom built systems from aRGee computers are deigned, built and then optimized to work within your environment. Our systems include free installation, free telephone support, and a one-year warranty.

When you purchase a system from aRGee compters, we are here to help you.

aRGee Computers is an authorized dealer for:

  • Intel Processors
  • Microsoft Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Peripherals
  • Epson Scanners and Printers
  • Linksys Networking Equipment
  • Western Digital Hard Drives


Have some questions about a computer issue? Need some advice about upgrading?

 We offer free telephone service to our customers to ensure you get the best support possible!


Tell us your current and long-term business objectives, training issues, and budgetary constraints, and we’ll compile a list of intelligent options for optimizing your computer network.

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